The 60-second Lighting Upgrade That Makes Your Home Look “Magazine Worthy”

October 14, 2020 - Rachel Wallace
TL;DR: These lights made my house look like a vacation getaway that people pay hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars to spend a week in.

90% of Yards Look Boring And Unoriginal

Your yard looks like many others across America: “copied”. And when the sun goes down, it looks so dark and plain.

Every home should have some personality and fun to it’s look. But that’s easier said than done for most homeowners.

Installing the same old white lights makes your house look “cookie-cutter”. Plus they cost a fortune to install, add more to the electricity bill, and you have a bunch of ugly wires running up your wall.

What you need is a light that will showcase the elegance of your home without spending thousands of dollars. That’s where these Starbright Lights come in.

What Is StarBright?

Starbright is the quick, easy and affordable home lighting upgrade going viral with homeowners.

It turns your home into a stunning paradise at night. The flexible string light design allows you to be creative as you add vibrancy to your home.

Your home will be 100% original, unique, and unmatched in beauty. In fact, after your neighbors compliment you, don’t be surprised if they start copying you.

How Do These StarBright Lights Work?

StarBright is solar string light that requires zero electricity. It’s 150 LED lights are neatly placed along 55ft of ultra-thin (but tough) copper wire. (So they don’t look ugly during the daytime)

This means you can easily wrap them around trees, fences, archways, porch railings, bushes and more with ease.

They have 8 beautiful lighting modes that are perfect for a relaxing night on the porch or celebrations with friends and family.

Whether you’re in your backyard having a family dinner or a solo evening to yourself, Starbright will make the atmosphere inviting and warm.

Starbright is Super Easy to Setup

Since there’s no messy wires or drilling required, you can install StarBright in minutes. (Even if you’re not handy with tools.

First, you pick a spot you want to add some personality too. Then you stake the solar panel into the ground where it can charge and string the lights anywhere you want.

When night comes, they automatically turn on with the “dusk to dawn” feature.

To enjoy the 8 beautiful color modes, just press the MODE button and you’ll get: waves, combination, fading, fireflies, chasing, twinkle, fading slowly, and steady-on MODE.

I Setup Starbright at My House, Here’s How It Went..

Day 1

At first, I just wanted to get a couple Starbrights for my big oak tree in the front yard. But since they had a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, I decided to order 12 so my whole front yard can get some TLC as well. 

So I placed my order and was ecstatic when they were dropped on my front porch just 3 days later! 

I set up all 8 in less than 20 minutes and wow! When they came on I couldn’t stop staring. My neighbors already came over and asked where I got them, so you could definitely say they look good.. 

Day 7 

It’s been 7 days since I installed Starbright. I’m still amazed at the difference. My husband, who’s the biggest hermit I know, has been spending so much time outside just looking at the lights. 

We’ve been having so many “driveway chats” with our next-door neighbor about these lights.  

I love that they turn on every night without me needing to press a button or flip a light switch.

Day 30 

I decided to complete the picture and ordered another 4 Starbrights’ for my backyard. Now it looks just as great as the front, I should have just got those in my first order. 

I was pretty skeptical these wouldn’t last in the rain. But it’s rained 5 times this month and the Starbright lights still shine like they’re brand new. 

I have to say I’m impressed. This has really transformed the look of my home and I spent a fraction of what I thought outdoors lights would cost me.

5 Reasons Your Home Needs Starbright

  • Get Showered In Compliments 🙏
  • 7 Exciting Modes (match any mood 💃)
  • 100% Solar Powered (No wiring 🔌)
  • Make Your Yard The New Hangout Spot 👩👩👧
  • Installs in minutes (No tools needed 🛠️)
PRO TIP: Starbrights ultra thin but durable string lights are ultra-discrete during the day. So you can wrap them around landscaping and patios/porches without it being an eyesore.


Boring Wired Lights

8 modes to match any mood

1 boring mode

Easy to install

Break-your-back installation

Automatic ON/OFF

Need to use light switches or annoying timers

Unique “Glow” Look

Basic White Lights

Solar powered

Needs annoying wiring

“Wow” the neighbors

Makes your home blend in

Where Can I Install StarBright?

Starbright can unleash beauty on every inch of your yard. Here are some customers’ favorites:

Here’s What Americans Have To Say About Starbright: 

Verified Purchase

“Fantastic Product”
“First solar product that I have found that actually does what it says, lasts from dusk to dawn. Very high quality lights. They have exceeded all expectations. I love them! They are simply amazing!!!”

- Barbara W.

Verified Purchase

“Lights are beautiful and have the golden glow we were looking for. The solar-charged battery keeps the lights on all night adding so much charm to our backyard"

- Brian L.

Verified Purchase

“Ordered more as we love the look”
“We have a large Silver Maple and used two strands to wrap the extra large trunk. Love that the copper wire hold in place, so there is no need to adhere it with anything else. Ordered more as we love the look so much we plan on stringing them up even higher!”

- Ariel S.

Starbright wants to make glamorizing your home easier… 55% off easier to be exact.

You’ll be covered by our 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Orders are coming in like crazy and the factory is often backlogged, so act now.

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Starbright is an American company that prides themselves in upgrading Americans' yards with quality lights. 

Every Starbright is shipped from their American based warehouses. That’s why every time you order them, they’re usually your front doorstep within 3-8 days.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] and a representative will quickly answer all lighting questions so you can finally turn your home into an oasis of comfort.